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      FLEXEM IIoT Solutions

      Over 1000 customers applications are available for FLEXEM IIoT solutions. It is mainly used in HVAC, water supply, environmental protection, boilers, heating, electricity, machinery and equipment, agriculture and other industries.

      Solution Framework


      PLC program remote transparent transmission

      PLC program can be downloaded, uploaded and monitored remotely, and the problem can be solved without on the site.

      Data remote monitoring

      Device data can be monitored through a webpage or a mobile APP, and the running status of the device and the parameters can be modified at the first time.

      Device alarm push

      You can push the device fault status in the first time through SMS, WeChat, voice, etc., and keep track of the device running status in time.

      Historical data checking

      Historical data of the devices can be checked and stored, displayed in curves or tables, and exported to the local server.

      Data statistics and analysis

      The energy consumption data and failure rate of the equipment can be counted, and the equipment can be effectively evaluated and statistically analyzed, which is convenient for analysis for research and development Dept, after-sales Dept, and sales Dept.

      Improve after-sales service efficiency

      The efficiency of after-sales service can be improved through the Internet of Things platform.

      Overall scheme characteristics

      Third-party platforms, such as IoT terminals, connection platforms, etc., can be docked throughout the solution.
      The configuration interface, data indicators, collection rules, and forwarding rules are configurable. Most of them use drag-and-drop configuration capabilities, and some require scripting language for configuration.
      Through world-class customer security audit, it has a variety of security mechanisms from access, transmission, platform, application and management.
      It supports cross-platform capabilities, friendly access to services on the big screen, computer, mobile APP.
      It supports over 300 industrial protocols.
      Global coverage
      FBox is sold in various regions of the world
      Monitoring points in real-time monitoring