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      Common Problem Date
      How to add a new FBox?2019-03-29
      Use FBox and FLEXEM PLC to realize communication and transparent transmission2019-03-27
      FBox as host communication settings2019-03-27
      PLC as slave communication settings2019-03-27
      PLC analog input and output point corresponding value range2019-03-27
      What we can do if FLink can't use gadget configuration?2019-03-27
      The 6000 series on the hand does not support FLink, how to deal with the function?2019-03-27
      19.Use RW or recipe register, re-power on after power off and find that the data is not saved. Why?2019-03-27
      Is the administrator authority the highest in user rights? Is it possible to operate all the privileged com…2019-03-27
      Can the user level be logged off?2019-03-27
      How to achieve multilingualism?2019-03-27
      How to set up serial communication with PLC and other devices?2019-03-27
      Communication connection - COMX-connected device as the master device, the host station number, slave statio…2019-03-27
      What alternatives do the “inching” buttons use?2019-03-27
      Is the week in the system time displayed in Chinese?2019-03-27
      What is the difference between system time and NTP time?2019-03-27
      Which register is used to store the system time in the touch screen, can it be modified?2019-03-27
      How to change the touch screen time?2019-03-27
      How to enter the settings interface?2019-03-27
      How to shield communication error prompts?2019-03-27

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